Feel Good on Social Media

Join Feline on its adventure to create healthy, thought-provoking social experiences that don't rely on addictive tactics and allow you to connect with people on a more meaningful level.

Feline's North Stars

We design and engineer all of our experiences with the following principles in mind. They are the pillars which we use to ensure an idea is up to our standards of doing the most good as possible.


As a company with no VC investment, we make product and design decisions in the best interests of our users. Always.


Backed by psychology, our experiences are designed for you to enjoy, not become addicted to. No doom-scrolling!


We design our experiences to give you a sense of progress and to make you a happier, more fulfilled person.


We make our best efforts to offer you a vast selection of views, people, and topics when experiencing our offerings.


Feline respects your right to privacy and will only request the minimum amount of information needed for your participation.


Feline respects the right of anyone to speak regardless of association or immutable attributes.


Make new friends based on things you have in common. Date based on shared interests.
No more endless swiping and ego-boosting.

Talking Heads

Defend what's important to you, and hear another perpsective. Use evidence to support your case.
No more getting cancelled. No more dogpiling.

"Cats, however, are their own creatures. They aren’t social or hierarchical (except in passing). They are only semi-domesticated. They don’t do tricks. They are friendly on their own terms. Dogs have been tamed, but cats have made a decision. They appear willing to interact with people, for some strange reasons of their own. To me, cats are a manifestation of nature, of Being, in an almost pure form. Furthermore, they are a form of Being that looks at human beings and approves."

-Jordan B. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos