The New Age
of Social Media

In an age of addictive, biased, and toxic social media publishers, join the fight to reclaim your online presence and fight internet-caused mental health issues by using our fun, unbiased, and healthy platforms.

The Pillars

Flexible & Free

As a company with no VC investment, we will always able to make decisions in the best interests of our users. Always.


Backed by psychological principles, Feline apps are carefully designed for your enjoyment, and not your addiction.

Positive & Productive

Feline apps are designed to give you a sense of progress both within the apps and within yourself as an individual.

Open & Diverse

Feline is designed to offer you a vast selection of viewpoints, people, topics, and experiences online depending on what you're looking for and why.

Private & Secure

Feline respects your right to privacy and will only ever require one piece of personal information from you in order to join, your phone number, which will be encrypted.*

Respectful & Unbiased

Feline respects the right of anyone to speak their mind regardless of any affiliation or characteristic, and wear the badge of "platform" with honor.**

* Other service providers may collect other information. We only select providers who have a strong commitment to user privacy. In-App Purchases require further identification.

** Feline enforces the laws of the United States on all of its platforms. Some Feline apps are not available in Germany.

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Instead of endlessly swiping on people and ghosting them after matching, take the time to forge thoughtful connections using mutual interests.


Talk with other people around you anonymously, discover rooms, and have your content be visible longer by having others boop it!

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Go head-to-head with people who disagree with you in a safe environment to try to change their mind. You may even have your mind changed!

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"Cats, however, are their own creatures. They aren’t social or hierarchical (except in passing). They are only semi-domesticated. They don’t do tricks. They are friendly on their own terms. Dogs have been tamed, but cats have made a decision. They appear willing to interact with people, for some strange reasons of their own. To me, cats are a manifestation of nature, of Being, in an almost pure form. Furthermore, they are a form of Being that looks at human beings and approves."

-Jordan B. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos